Sunday, January 26, 2014

Well, a year later....

I must apologize. I really haven't kept up with this blog. But I swear, I've had good reasons! Life, it seems, as always never lets you get all the things done you think or want to do.

Since the last time I've posted, we've moved, started homeschooling, gotten more responsibilities (like chickens! and way more land to take care of...) and on top of all that, I just had a baby!

You might say that is sort of what triggered my need to update this blog. Well, to be honest, it was more because of my Self-Reliant Mom ladies. If you haven't check out their site, you really should. (there is a link on the side know, in case you were curious....)

Basically, I was sharing some of the neat recipes for alternative or DIY baby things. Things like formula recipes, wipe solution and wipes themselves. Well, it reminded me that this blog isn't just about food. It's about alternatives to what one might think of as normal staple items to have on hand. And that I had learned so much since the last time I posted!

So, acknowledging the fact that I am really busy with a newborn, homeschooling and just surviving this awful winter....and I am NOT SUPER MOM, I will try to post on here at least 4 times a month. More when I have a minute and cool stuff to share. Maybe less if school and chores pick up. But I will post. I promise.

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