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Consider this... 

There is a storm and you can't get to the store that carries the allergy safe foods you need. What are you going to do? Or, heaven forbid, you or a family member loses their job, wouldn't it be nice to have some extra food in the pantry, that you know is safe to eat? 
Those are the thoughts that I had and luckily I ran across the idea of food storage. Now, when it comes to food storage, there are a lot of preconceptions about why anyone would take the time to "store food like a squirrel", as I've heard it described. But when you think about the scenarios that I mentioned above, it becomes more of a realistic thought. 
There are many sites that can help anyone on any budget get started. Whether you just want to get an emergency "cache" of food, a 3 month supply, or long term storage. But, I discovered it wasn't exactly an "allergy friendly world". So,, after a lot of leg work and researching, I've found some things that are! 
Here, I have gone through and broken down "the lists", as I call them. (The lists refer to what you will find on other sites that help you through food storage) I offer allergy friendly alternatives that have worked for my food storage, and hopefully they may help some of you!
*NOTE: I am NOT a health professional and anything I suggest is just that, a suggestion. *