Thursday, December 8, 2011

The plan

Years ago, when I first learned about the boys food problems, my world changed forever. The first thing that you do, other than eliminating the foods, is to follow a rotation diet. If you are lazy like me, this is a nightmare. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what I’m going to make until I make it. I have all kinds of ingredients on hand so that I can do just that.

Well, you can’t do that when you are on a rotation diet. You have to plan EVERYTHING  that enters your mouth for at least 4 days. And to tame the mild madness that involves, I came up with a simple and rough idea to get note cards, cut into label size, with one food item listed on it. That way, I would sit down at the table, select an item (say pork) and add it to a day. That way when I went to select a meat for day 2, pork wasn’t there to choose from, and I would choose what was left. It worked well, but it wasn’t real pretty. Which is odd for me since that’s my thing. I think I was so engrossed with the task at hand, I just wanted to eat! It was sooooo overwhelming back then.

Long story short, when I learned that we had to go on another rotation diet (with new foods!), I was thrilled (did I just use that word ?!) when I saw this:


I printed off the free labels and am going to purchase some magnet tape to use them on my fridge! Right there in front of my face! 

I have to admit, I had fallen into using the same ingredients in different recipes for a while now. So, I’m going to have do some looking for some good, diet approved recipe ideas. I’ve got a whole board on pinterest devoted to these recipes, so that I can have a little “fun” with this adventure.

I just want hungry boy to be healthy. So, this is going to happen!

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